Embrace Sensuality 

and Radiate Femininity 

with Playfulness &Grace



Embrace sensuality and radiate femininity with playfulness and grace

Subtle sensations of flowing fringes, dancing chains, refined metalwork and caressing feathers will awaken your sensual senses as they move in symbiosis with your skin. 


All lingerie items flatter your unique silhouette, as every single garment is completely size adjustable. 


Each and every piece is handcrafted with love and precision, as an ode to your playfull, sensual, self-confident feminity 



And those

who were seen dancing

were thought to be insane

by those who could not hear the music

About Marlion Kielenstijn Photography by

I Love to thank 


My muses : Elske, Marsha, Amanda, Marjolijn, Helene, Suzanne, Eveline, Monique, Mirjam, Petra and Tamara

Mirella Sleenhoff for cathing the golden light with photography, visagie and styling. 

Model for gracious appearance

Bregsch for inspiration and coöperation on web-design

Saskia van de Loo for coöperation on concept photography

Pierre Pas for reflecting on identity

Jo Gates for editing tekst



I have always loved creating body embellishments to highlight womens beauty. This passion led me to the academy of fine arts fashion & textile.

To specialize in the craft of lingerie-making, I continued training with established lingerie manufacturers in Milan, Nottingham and Paris.

Since my return to the Netherlands in 1996, I have worked on long-term freelance projects, developing collections for Dutch lingerie brands and retailers such as Hunkemöller, Livera, Love from Holland, V&D, Pastunette,Rebelle, Sapph, Noppies and Hema.

I find my inspiration in every form of intimate apparel, from mass market daily basics to high end erotic specials. Playfully designing endless fashionable creations within each brand's code and signature.


The creation of Marlion Kielenstijn signature collection started with pure fun and playfull vibes. Every single item is a celebration of womanhood and reflects my philosophy, sense of taste and proffesional expertise.


I passionately develop and refine every design to create the ultimate piece of art and I am happy to handcraft, wrap and send every piece with love and precision.